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Journey from West Africa

Sadarri & Company delight children of all ages with stories, songs, and games that connect oral traditions across the continents. Travel along as they take an imaginary journey from West Africa through the Caribbean and into the United States. Sway to the music and rhythm that accompany a West African Folktale energetically performed in interpretive dance and Sign Language. Students are eager to find out the silly secret of the King of Togo-Togo. Younger children frolic to the movements they learn in Sadarri’s jazzy rendition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears while older students are mesmerized by a Nigerian folktale about togetherness and community support.

Elementary and middle school adaptations

Program time: Approximately 35-50 min

Extended Day Break-Out Sessions for schools

  • Student facilitated fashion show of traditional African clothing (grades 3-6)
  • Musical instruments and artifacts (grades K-6)
  • Personal narratives on stereotyping (grades 3-8)
  • Interactive customs and culture exploration (grades 3-8)
  • Other tailored options available for school residencies
  • Question and Answer session with artists


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