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Each residency consists of:


School family night; museum or library multi-age (may choose double option)

Partial-Day Two large group storytelling assemblies (@150 to 250 people in each)

Two large group assemblies with four small group workshops/ presentations, or

Three or four large group assemblies (@150 to 250 people in each), or
One large group assembly and six small group workshops/presentations
Extended-Day Plus Extended-Day option plus a half-day the next day with smaill group sessions
Shared-Day Twolarge group assemblies in the morning at one school, and the same two assemblies at a second area school in the afternoon or
One to two performances at one library, and on the same day the same one to two performances at a second area library
(Each school or library receives a significant discount)
Multiple-Day: Two to four days of artist performance and instruction.
Full-Week Five days of artist performance and instruction; student performance
Sample Workshop / Presentation Topics
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