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mistySince a very early age, Misty has had a great interest in poetry and other “spoken word” art forms. Her poetry touches on a world of topics and is fun for the whole family. As Misty makes passage into the next stage of life, she is eager for ones of all ages to join in the experience with her.

She hopes that her audiences will accept her invitation to get a glimpse or “sneak a peek” into the complex mind of a young adult, and the way she sees things as she coexists with the world around her. Misty has a love of children. Her personality and charm seem to attract listeners like the melody of a piper’s call. She has done extensive volunteer work in her own community and has traveled and helped families in remote areas of the Dominican Republic. Some of her interests include, music, dancing, and Bible study.

Misty has performed stories and poetry with her family for thousands of listeners and in a wide variety of venues including schools, libraries, parks, museums, etc. She has had the honor of being chosen, along with her older sister, to perform in “Youth Voices” which is part of Northlands Storytelling Conferences in Wisconsin. Misty has also had success in offering creative writing workshops in such places as Lake View Technical Academy in Kenosha; has presented her work in colleges and universities; and continues to go far.

Other Credits Misty’s voice can be heard on selections from the Award-winning CD, “SOL Mates” Stories, Songs and Fun in Spanish and English. She is currently working on her first book of poetry.

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